How to Parent a Teenager: 10 Tips to Make it More Rewarding

Raising a teenager can be difficult. You say one thing, and he does another. Although we have all been at the teenager stage, it can be difficult to relate when you are the parent. Help improve your relationship with your teenager, while also maintaining the responsibilities of a parent.


    • 1

      Discuss issues with your teenager, do not lecture. Lecturing simply puts your child on the defensive.

    • 2

      Follow through on rules and consequences. Do not back track. The teenager needs to realize you mean business.

    • 3

      Lead by example. Give your teenager a positive role model. Make her desire to be more like you.

    • 4

      Set reasonable goals for your teenager. Do not expect more than he can give, or he will begin to feel inadequate.

    • 5

      Don’t judge too harshly. Your teenager is going to slip up. She is still young and learning. Try to work through problems with her, as opposed to yelling and making demands.

    • 6

      Do not point out only negative behavior. Make sure you give plenty of praise when it is due.

    • 7

      Have regular family dinners. This is a good opportunity to remain close as a family and ask about your teenager’s day. It is possible to be both a good parent and a friend.

    • 8

      Take an active role in your teenager’s life. Do not leave the parenting or educating to someone else.

    • 9

      Share your thoughts, fears and feelings with your teenager, when appropriate. This will encourage him to do the same.

    • 10

      Express your love. Make sure your teenager knows you will be there no matter what. A great support system goes a long way.


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