Track marshal dies after sustaining injuries at Canadian Grand Prix

Esteban Gutierrez gets out of his car after crashing. He was unhurt in the accident. (Getty)

A marshal died from injuries sustained in a mishap while tending to Esteban Gutierrez’s crashed car in the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal.

The 38-year-old worker, who has not been identified, dropped his radio and was backed over by a crane while officials prepared to remove Gutierrez’s car from the track. Gutierrez crashed in turn 2 in the late stages of the race.

“The worker was helping to recover a car which had stopped during the race. The recovery vehicle had lifted the car to return it to the pits and while doing this the worker dropped his radio and attempted to pick it up. As he did this, he stumbled and was hit and run over by the recovery vehicle,” the FIA, the governing body of F1, said in a statement.

The track worker, a 10 year veteran, was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at 6:02 PM local time before he was to be operated on.


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