Police roadblocks back in Osun

Dear editor,
May I use a space in your widely read newspaper to express my observations about the flagrant disobedience of some of the officers and men of the police force within the Osun State Police Command.checkpointOn the assumption of office of Muhammed Abubakar as the country’s new Inspector General Police sometime ago, the police chief, being an experienced officer in the nation’s policing, immediately called for the eradication of roadblocks by the policemen within the length and breadth of the country.
Alas, the order has not been strictly adhered to.

On several occasions the IG has submitted in his many addresses that the order has, indeed, reduced the rate of robbery within the society.

There was also a time he described roadblocks by his men as a colonial mentality which would never resurface. To say the fact, the common cases of accidental discharge had disappeared into thin air.

In the history of policing in Nigeria, therefore, order from above tackling corrupt practices on the nation’s highway has never been strictly obeyed.

Thank God for somebody like Abubakar who has been able to stand by his words despite pressure from the rank and file of the force.

However, to my amazing discovery, there has been a gradual resurrection of these men on the nation’ s highways, particularly, along Ibadan/ Ife road.

Right in front of Akinrere School of Science, Ikire and at Ife/Ilesa junction along the new expressway, these men and officers of the police are often found doing business as usual.

Then, the questions that agitate the minds of both the motorists and commuters plying the road are: what is the new Commisioner of Police, Mrs Dorothy D. Gimba, doing about this disobedience by her men?

Or has the order banning the roadblock been relaxed by the IGP himself? Nigerians are waiting patiently for response from appropriate quarters before innocent life is dispatched to early grave as usual through trigger happiness.

Odewale Taiwo, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile- Ife.

Source: Tribune


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